Michelle Shaughnessy, the owner of Primal Nature Nutritional Therapy, is located in Boise, Idaho, where she sees clients in person or through video chat all over the country.

The practice focuses on balancing digestive dysfunction, such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, or bloating and helping to reduce symptoms associated with IBS-D, IBS-C, or IBD.

Many of the clients Michelle sees have other symptoms not typically associated with digestive issues, such as; anxiety, mild depression, joint pain, PMS, perimenopause symptoms, migraines, skin conditions such as eczema, and symptoms associated with many different auto-immune conditions.  

"All Disease begins in the Gut"- Hippocrates

Michelle received a B.S. in zoology from Cal Poly Pomona, California and went on to finish most of the work associated with a M.S. in biology. However, her work at the US Fish and Wildlife Service shifted her focus away from finishing. The work resulted in a 23+ year career with the agency mainly working on recovering endangered species.

After her own health challenges, she shifted her focus again to helping others heal through Nutritional Therapy. She received her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) certification in June of 2016, from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA).   She then opened Primal Nature Nutritional Therapy later that year.  She is an instructor for the ReStart program, teaching classes twice a year.   She has continued her education and recently added the certification of Restorative Wellness Practitioner.  In 2017, she became Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® (Candidate).

She is also a member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) .

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys getting out in nature, working in her raised organic garden beds, and collecting eggs from her backyard chickens.  

When I was little, I spent some time at my grandma's house one summer who happened to have chickens, along with some other farm animals. I fell in love with the chickens, carrying them around the yard and spending hours out running around with them.  So when I finally had a chance to get my own chickens, I jumped on it!  I even moved my chickens from Albuquerque to Boise in 2016, where they continue to reward us with fresh eggs.

Watching them run around the backyard can make a bad day just melt away.